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About Silver Wing

Silver Wing is a leading solution supplier in China’s medical intelligent supply chain systems, focusing on medical logistics management.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Shanghai with two holding subsidiaries in Beijing and Suzhou, Silver Wing’s professional teams spread all over the medical institutions in China. With the innovation workshop on solutions for medical intelligent supply chain systems as our strategic positioning, by offering quality and all-around solutions for logistics automation, under the corporate principle of “Silver Wing aims to promote the well-being of humans by creating excellent quality through scientific innovation”, and based on industry 4.0 technologies and precision medicine, we provide a diversified intelligent supply chain of products, technologies and services including unmanned storage, automated intelligent logistics and pharmacy robots, becoming a strong technical support for China’s precision medicine and modern hospital logistics.

Business Areas

As a leader in hospital intelligent logistics, we uphold the concept of “pursuing perfection driven by needs and taking actions embodying simplicity” and dedicate ourselves to creating ideal product experience in lean hospital management through solutions for innovative medical intelligent supply chain systems.

In the early stage, we work with hospitals on the design and planning of intelligent hospitals. In the middle stage, we integrate people, things and equipment in hospitals. In the late stage, we realize the seamless connection between logistics management and intelligent engineering. Currently, we are committed to providing the most advanced products and solutions, keeping innovation in improving the efficiency of medical logistics systems and make quality medical services accessible to more people.

Our business covers three strategic business groups: hospital automation, unmanned storage in the operating room, and intelligent logistics solutions for logistics automation.

PTS medical pneumatic tube systems provide hospital with timely and emergent transmission of small objects, such as the free transmission of specimens in wards, blood products, drug administration and intraoperative pathology and other objects among different buildings in hospitals.

AGV automated navigation vehicles and Industry 4.0 new medical intelligent robots, which can perform unmanned safe and intelligent movement with a load of 500 kg, are able to realize the transmission of large objects, such as the movement of medicines, bedding and clothing, food and beverage, waste and other objects among different service areas in hospitals.

RIVA automated pharmacy robot for intravenous medication preparation is the first robotic intravenous medication preparation device in the world that can be used automatically in the real meaning to prepare tumor chemotherapy, antibiotic and pediatric medications.

Kardex-Silver Wing hospital intelligent storage system, including horizontal rotary, vertical lift and vertical rotary types, can ensure the lean and intensive management of surgical consumables and sterilized supplies.